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IVF Centre

In vitro fertilization

The Department of Infertility offer Low Cost IVF Infertility Treatment Services under one roof (Treatment of Fertility till Delivery). We offer expertize and latest Reproductive Technologies in the area of infertility and treatment plan designed for individual needs.Our Centers has state of ART facilities Infertility often creates one of the most distressing life crises that a infertile couples has ever experienced together.We have a dedicated andrology laboratory with latest facilities for semen analysis,intrauterine Evaluation includes follicular monitoring, semen analysis, hema-tological and hormonal profile of both partners.insemination procedures etc. All advancement in reproductive technology demands higher standards for cell environment and working conditions and our chambers meet these to provide, clean, safe and it's, ergonomic design for long term microscopy.With the latest air handling system In Coordination As a Infertility | Fertility | IVF Doctors well understood their emotional aspect and provide on ethical, meticulous research based approach to Fertility Treatment. Our team spends time with the couple, ensures them personal atten-tion and helps them with ideal treatment options. We go through thorough history by taking detailed evaluation of couples and ensure most efficient in treatment with personal touch.

From The Founders Desk

Facing infertility and undergoing fertility treatment for the same is one of the most distressing situation a couple can face. It fosters uncertainties, doubts, fears, guilt and apprehensions.
The good news is that Genesis –IVF centre opens up in the City of Lakes to cater to people in and around. We strive to provide world class facilities through state-of-the-art infrastructure, a multi-disciplinary team of gynaecologists, embryologist, radiologist, anaesthetist, endocrinologist, urologist, laparoscopic surgeon, geneticist, counselor, psychologist and dietician at very affordable prices. Our vision revolves around your comfort level at every step keeping your privacy, confidentiality, and integrity intact. We aim to provide consultation, counseling, second opinion at your desired time, keeping your schedule and convenience in mind. We are committed to excellence and at the same time believe to be with you from the first step till the very final moments.
We intend to bring smile to your faces through our scientific excellence and humane attitude. The whole vision and atmosphere of Genesis revolves around your comfort, care, transparency and authenticity as well as credibility. Genesis is a one stop centre for comprehensive care under one roof for fertility problem to fulfill your dreams.
Truly yours
Dr Kirti K Jain

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Our Team 

Dr. Shilpa Goyal
MBBS, MS(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
Consultant Gynaecologist
Specialist: IVF & Infertility

Dr. Smita Baheti
MBBS, MS(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
Consultant Gynaecologist
Specialist: IVF, Laparoscopic & High-Risk Pregnancy

Dr. Akanksha Tripathi
MBBS, MS(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
Consultant Gynaecologist
Specialist: IVF & Infertility